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Frequently Asked Questions

I've never done this before, what do I do?

Calm down, it's easier and a lot more fun than you think. Read this entire page and party tips to get an idea. Then click on the link "The Guys" or "The Ladies" on top, view the dancers and get a few in mind. Then click on the link ""BOOKINGS"," you will see all the info that ROCKSTAR STRIPPERS needs to book the show. When you have all the info fill out the form and click "Book It!" at the bottom. We guarantee that we will contact you back within 24 hours to go over all details and answer all questions. . Hope to hear from you soon!

Why should I choose ROCKSTAR STRIPPERS?

ROCKSTAR STRIPPERS offers the absolute best entertainment at the best prices and guarantee the results, no other company can compare. We guarantee the dancer you choose, a great show and that we will contact you within 24 hours of booking show or leaving us a message or e-mail, even if it's only a question.

What can I expect from the show?

Every entertainer has their own original routine, but these are the basics. The show will start with the entertainment dancing and playing games with the guest of honor. This may include strip teases, dollar games and clothing removal. Then the entertainment will involve the rest of the crowd with the dances and games. At the end of show the entertainment may pose for pictures, hand out fliers and answer questions.

What types of entertainment do you offer?

We offer only the best high-class entertainment in the business. We specialize in Bachelorette/Bachelor, Girls/Guys night out and B-day parties. We have male and female strippers, party hosts, go-go dancers, topless dealers, topless servers, models and actors.

Are the photographs of the guys and ladies real, and is that who we will get for our entertainment?

Yes, and the photos are recent. ROCKSTAR STRIPPERS has had most professionaly photographed.

How much does the entertainment cost?

Click on the link "Rates" above to view rates, and we also match reputable competitor’s rates. We ask each guest to bring at least $20 for games and dances.

What types of payments do you accept?

Most of the time the entertainment will pick up cash upon arrival and you will not be billed.

How does the show get rockin'?

The entertainment arrives at the scheduled time and may surprise guest of honor. The entertainment may request a room to change into. The show will start ASAP and the entertainment will be giving the guest of honor a strip tease right away. Clothes are removed and more sexy strip teases and games are played with guest of honor. Then the entertainment will offer the rest of guests to be involved in dances and games. Entertainment may do whipped cream/alcohol shots and sexy pictures. Party keeps rockin' as long as people are tipping, particiapating and everyone is having fun.

How long is the show?

The quick show is a few songs or one good sexy strip tease for the guest of honor. The full show can range from an hour or longer, and involves the entire crowd. As long as everyone is tipping, participating and having fun, the entertainment will stay. Sometimes they end up staying most the night!

Do I have to tip, how much?

YES! The more you tip the wilder it will get! We ask each guest to bring at least $20 for dances and games.

What are the rules?

Please respect the entertainment's requests. No slapping, licking, biting, pinching or verbally abusing the entertainment. And you must have fun!

Can we take pictures or video?

You must have the entertainments permission. Most entertainers have no problem with this.

I have an old flyer or coupon with no expiration date for money off the show, is it still good?

Yes, we honor all offered discounts with no expiration dates at all times.

rockstar strippers

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rockstar strippers
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